New Energy Vehicles

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Processing Case




Car Rearview Mirror Shell To Mold Line

Product pretreatment: injection molding

Product post-processing: paint

Product requirements: evenly remove the clamping line, no thick wires, no sand marks

Processing method: The workpiece is positioned by snaps, 4 stations are processed at the same time, and the eccentric wheel + sponge sand is used for polishing







Workpiece material: 65mn, DC01

Processing technology: double-sided grinding

Processing requirements:

1) Grinding allowance 0.03-0.4mm

2) Parallelism 0.02

3) Flatness 0.02

4) Thickness tolerance ±0.01mm


Applicable Equipment

YH2M8519C/3 five-axis CNC multi-station surface polishing machine tool

YHDM580B High Precision Vertical Double End Grinder