Photovoltaic Introduction

Photovoltaic, or photovoltaic power generation system, is a power generation system that uses the photovoltaic effect of semiconductor materials to convert solar radiation energy into electrical energy. The energy of photovoltaic power generation system comes from inexhaustible and inexhaustible solar energy, which is a clean, safe and renewable energy source. The photovoltaic power generation process does not pollute the environment and does not damage the ecology. Photovoltaic power generation systems are divided into independent photovoltaic systems and grid-connected photovoltaic systems. The photovoltaic power generation system is composed of solar cell arrays, battery packs, charge and discharge controllers, inverters, AC power distribution cabinets, sun tracking control systems and other equipment. Photovoltaic is divided into four parts: silicon material, silicon wafer, cell and module.







Related Processing Technology


1) Process flow of crystalline silicon solar cells

Wafer Cleaning ➤ Texture Preparation ➤ Pre-Diffusion Cleaning ➤ Phosphorus Diffusion ➤ Peripheral Etching ➤ Back Junction Removal ➤ Back Electrode Printing ➤ Front and Reverse Electrode Printing ➤ Anti-Reflection Film Preparation ➤ Sintering ➤ Test Binning


2) Photovoltaic glass process

Batching ➤ Melting ➤ Calendering ➤ Annealing ➤ Cutting


3) Photovoltaic module process

Cell inspection ➤ Cell single welding ➤ Cell string welding ➤ Module stacking ➤ Module lamination ➤ Mounting frame and mounting junction box ➤ Finished product testing and packaging storage