• YHM77110 高精度立式双面研磨(抛光)机.jpg
YHM77110 高精度立式双面研磨(抛光)机.jpg
  • YHM77110 高精度立式双面研磨(抛光)机.jpg

YHM77110 High-precision Vertical Double-sided Grinding (polishing) Machine

This machine is used for double-sided grinding and polishing of metal parts such as valve plates and friction plates, as well as thin parts made of non-metallic hard and brittle materials such as sapphire and ceramics.

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Typical Machined Parts

Processing Methods

1. The machine tool is compact in size and saves space; it adopts gantry structure, which has good stability and strong rigidity.

2. The maximum pressure of the machine tool is 1200kg, the double oil cylinder is pressurized, and the electro-hydraulic proportional valve precisely controls the pressure.

3. The speed of each shaft of the sun gear, inner gear, upper plate and lower plate can be adjusted independently, and the overall speed can be matched.

4. The upper tray is made of special stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance and deformation resistance; the upper and lower trays have a built-in cooling and heating structure, and the temperature of the disk surface is controllable.

Equipment Highlights

Technical Parameter

Project Unit Parameter

Upper grinding disc size (outer diameter × inner diameter × thickness)



Lower grinding disc size (outer diameter x inner diameter x thickness)



Pin tooth planetary gear


7; outer diameter φ327.5, number of teeth 64
Minimum thickness of workpiece



Maximum size of workpiece


φ280 (diagonal length)
Workpiece accuracy


The flatness and parallelism of a single piece are within 0.006, and the dimensional accuracy of the thickness of the entire workpiece is within 0.008 (the size of the test workpiece is φ50)
Surface roughness of workpiece μm Grinding Ra0.15 / Polishing Ra0.05
Lower disc speed


10-80 (stepless speed regulation)
Upper plate speed rpm 8-50 (stepless speed regulation)
Lower plate motor kw/rpm 15kW/rated speed 1440rpm
Upper plate motor kw/rpm 11kW, rated speed 1440rpm
Dimensions (approximately: length x width x height) mm 2500×2000×3000
Equipment quality kg 9000