• YHM7418B 数控双工位单面磨床.jpg
YHM7418B 数控双工位单面磨床.jpg
  • YHM7418B 数控双工位单面磨床.jpg

YHM7418B Cnc Double Station Single Side Grinder

This machine is suitable for single-side high-precision grinding of metal parts, as well as single-side thinning or polishing of thin sheet parts made of non-metallic hard and brittle materials such as mobile phone glass, ceramics, and wafers.

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Processing Methods

Double-Station Single-Side Grinding


Equipment Highlights

● This machine adopts castings such as box-type base, large column, feeding seat, etc., which has the advantages of good vibration absorption and high rigidity.

● Z-axis feed adopts servo motor + screw guide method.

● The feeding part of this machine adopts swing feeding, disc double-layer feeding seat, which has high rigidity; the feeding structure adopts hollow sleeve bearing system, each station can be driven by servo motor to rotate independently, and the feeding turntable is driven by servo motor, which can Realize taking and unloading while processing.

● The workpiece disk C1 of the machine is a vacuum suction cup, and the workpiece disk C2 is a magnetic suction cup. The C1 vacuum suction cup provides a complete vacuum system including a vacuum pump, and is equipped with a vacuum pressure gauge to display the pressure of the vacuum suction cup and monitor the negative pressure in real time to prevent the film from falling off under pressure. The function of the system is perfect and reasonable, which can realize the effect of vacuum adsorption of parts for a long time. The C2 magnetic chuck can attract ferromagnetic parts with a flat bottom surface, which can greatly improve the work efficiency in the process of mass grinding.

Technical Parameter

Item/Product Model



Workpiece diameter



Workpiece thickness



Wheel size



Grinding head motor



Grinding head speed



Feeding tray motor power


1.75+1 x 2

Machine quality


3.5 (Host)
Machine tool dimensions (length x width x height (LxWxH)


20200x1100x2700 (host)