• YHDM580E 高精度立式双端面磨床.jpg
YHDM580E 高精度立式双端面磨床.jpg
  • YHDM580E 高精度立式双端面磨床.jpg

YHDM580E High Precision Vertical Double End Grinder

This machine tool can perform high-efficiency precision grinding on the double end faces of hard, brittle and thin non-metallic parts (glass, ceramic sheets, sapphire, etc.) The upper and lower parallel planes of carbide blades, seals, oil pump blades, piston rings, etc.). This machine tool adopts the grinding and thinning process to solve the technical problem of thinning the glass of the touch panel of the mobile phone. The machine tool is highly intelligent, and can realize the automatic online measurement of the workpiece thickness, automatic loading and unloading; it can automatically complete the workpiece from the raw material to the thinning process and automatically convey it. In all links of the next process, the processing efficiency and processing quality have been significantly improved.

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Processing Methods

C mode grinding (C)
Suitable for high-efficiency, multi-specification and variety processing
Continuous grinding (LX)
Suitable for high removal, thin workpieces (1-8mm)

Equipment Highlights

● C-type grinding or continuous grinding (optional swing grinding, double-station planetary grinding), which can grind both ends of the workpiece with high precision and high efficiency;

● A large window is opened at the back of the machine to change the grinding wheel, which is convenient and simple. The feeding table is fixed and can be equipped with automatic equipment to avoid accuracy changes and frequent adjustments caused by frequent opening and closing of the feeding table.

● The upper box, the lower box and the feeding table are connected and fixed vertically in sequence, which ensures the smooth running of the whole machine.

● Adjust the angle of the upper and lower boxes through the three-point adjustment method, so as to adjust the parallelism and angle of the upper and lower grinding heads, which is more convenient to operate, stable and reliable.

● The straight-line dressing mechanism is adopted, and multiple groups of whetstones participate at the same time, and the dressing efficiency is high.

● Adopt servo motor to control the reducer to drive the lead screw to drive the lead screw nut to push the grinding head to move up and down. Equipped with a precise linear grating ruler to ensure micron-level feed accuracy.

● Adopt high-rigidity and high-torque motorized spindle to replace common mechanical spindle, run smoothly, eliminate machine tool vibration caused by transmission chain, and improve grinding efficiency and precision.

● Water comes out from the center of the spindle to improve grinding efficiency.

Technical Parameter

Item/Product Model



Workpiece diameter



Workpiece thickness



Wheel size



Grinding head motor



Grinding head speed



Feeding tray motor power



Machine quality



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