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YHJMKG2880 High Precision CNC Vertical Universal Grinding Machine

It is suitable for processing parts with high precision and high surface quality requirements in equipment, military, energy, aerospace and other manufacturing industries. It aims to process the ID, OD, conical surface, end surface and special_x0002_shaped surface contour of disc, ring and sleeve parts.

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Processing Methods

Equipment Highlights

1, X-axis, c-axis, z-axis, b-axis can achieve two-axis to four-axis linkage, can achieve the workpiece's internal and external contour, Cone, end face, etc. .  

2. Equipped with three synchronous mounted electric spindles (SP1, SP2, SP3) , the grinding head covers a wide range of rotational speed and stiffness, effectively improve the processing efficiency and technicality.

3. B-axis can realize high precision, arbitrary angle positioning, repetitive positioning accuracy ± 2.5′ , can realize arbitrary cone machining, avoid the deficiency of machining cone and reduce the wheel wear.

4. The X and c axes are hydrostatic, the friction coefficient of hydrostatic guide is only about 0.005, and that of linear guide is 0.15. The friction coefficient of hydrostatic guide is only about 0.005.

5, X Axis uses direct-drive motor, no reverse clearance, can completely solve the problems such as over-quadrant bulge.

6. SP1, SP2, SP3 are equipped with on-line dynamic balance and AE device, which can effectively solve the grinding vibration and abnormal collision caused by the unbalance of grinding wheel, and improve the grinding surface quality and the safety of the machine tool.

7, B shaft equipped with clamping system, rated locking torque up to 2900n. M, to ensure that the wheel at a fixed angle grinding rigidity.

8. On-line automatic measurement function, it can realize automatic on-line measurement and automatic tool setting.

9, equipped with diamond roller dressing and diamond pen dressing two ways, can achieve grinding wheel plane and curved surface dressing.

10.Man-machine interaction software with 3D simulation, full-function CNC package, it includes the functions of face grinding, inner circle grinding, outer circle grinding, wheel dressing, on-line measurement and calibration, etc. .

Technical Parameter



Workstation dimensions

Ф800 mm

minimum grinding inner diameter


maximum grinding height

Ф28 mm

maximum load on table

650 mm

Table maximum load 

1500 Kg

table speed (stepless) 

0.01-100 rpm

pindle maximum speed and interface (internal and external grinding head)


HSK63-C(18000rpmOptional attachments)

spindle maximum speed and interface (planar grinding head) 


grinding wheel diameter (internal and external grinding head) 


grinding wheel diameter (planar grinding head) 


Spindle power (internal and external grinding head) 


spindle power (plane grinding head)


spindle runout

Radial, end face≤0.001




Table beating

Radial, end face≤0.001

X-axis (transverse movement)

1700 mm

Z-axis (vertical movement)

1340 mm

B-axis (grinding wheel frame rotation) 


 X-axis movement speed (continuous speed change)

0.010~10 m/min

 Z-axis movement speed (continuous speed change)

0.010~8 m/min

 X and Z-axis positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy



C-axis positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy


B-axis positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy


The parallelism of the grinding head moving in the x-axis direction to the rotating table


the verticality of the grinding head moving in the Z-axis direction to the rotating table