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Pump Cover, Pump Body Parts Processing Automatic Production Line (multiple Units Online)

Mainly used for automatic machining of oil pump body pump cover turning.

Category: Product Center
Keywords: Yuhuan

Main Feature

● The double-layer circulation design of the feeding bin and the tray can realize the automatic circulation of empty trays in the bin.

● The design of pre-pressed double gripper mechanical gripper can realize the sequence of unloading and loading of the machine tool.

● The high-precision automatic positioning and flipping structure is designed to realize rapid flipping and high-precision positioning of the front and back circumferential surfaces of special-shaped parts such as oil pump cover.

● Developed a special lathe with spindle terminal encoder and high-precision constant hydraulic control for end face automatic positioning and clamping, which realizes end face automatic clamping and precise spindle stop for eccentric special-shaped parts turning.