• YH2M8155 四轴精密单面研磨(抛光)机.jpg
YH2M8155 四轴精密单面研磨(抛光)机.jpg
  • YH2M8155 四轴精密单面研磨(抛光)机.jpg

YH2M8155 Four-axis Precision Single-sided Grinding (polishing) Machine

This machine is used for metal parts such as valve plate, valve plate, friction plate, rigid sealing ring, cylinder piston ring, oil pump blade, as well as non-metallic hard and brittle materials such as silicon wafer, wafer, quartz crystal, glass, ceramic and sapphire. Surface grinding and polishing.

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Typical Machined Parts


Silicon Wafer



Equipment Highlights

● This machine adopts eccentric planetary motion.

● The workpiece plate and polishing plate are directly driven by the reducer, and the speed is adjusted by the frequency converter.

● Adopt air cylinder + electric proportional valve to precisely control the pressure, adopt touch screen + PLC control mode.

Technical Parameter




Precision bottom plate size


φ1422 x 145

Platen size and material


φ550/SUS304 flatness≤5um

equipment weight



Device size (L*W*H)


2255 x 1875 x 3300

Panel temperature detection system

- have

Polishing liquid supply system

- have

PP head cooling system

- Optional

Bottom plate cooling system

- have

Upper platen motor forced rotation (upper drive) 4 sets

- have

Turning tool servo system

- Optional

Full process control system

- Possess/can write 10-step process (50recipe)

Historical data storage and reading system

(temperature, speed, time, pressure)

- have

Water Guns and Air Guns

- have

Upper platen pressure and accuracy

- The maximum pressure of a single platen is 500kg/ea, the minimum pressure is 40kg/ea, and the pressure fluctuation and error are within 3%

Applicable power supply

- Power supply voltage: 380V±10%/220V±10%, power supply frequency: 50Hz±2%

equipment power



Air pressure requirement


End pressure: 0.5~0.7

cooling water requirement

- Pressure: 2-4kg/cm2, flow: 10-16L/min. Temperature: 8-18℃

environmental needs

- Ambient temperature: 0℃-45℃

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